Outdoor Weddings in Southeast Georgia – is it too late?

It’s getting cooler outside – and for those of us in the Coastal Empire and Low Country, we say – it’s about time!

But as you start planning your special day, when is it too late in the season to have your wedding outdoors?  Really, since we do live in a climate driven area, the answer is…never.

There are a few key things to remember when planning your outdoor wedding:

1)      Creature Comforts – while the temperature is good for us, it could be cold for others.  A number of rental places offer heating and cooling devices should you need them.  At The Mackey House, we can help you with heaters.  Our outdoor foyer is covered and has a fireplace as well.
2)      When Nature Calls – be sure to check for restroom facilities at your outdoor venue.  This is especially important if you’re hosting both your wedding and reception at the same location.  If restrooms aren’t available, there are high-end port-o-lets available for rental (high end enough to have hot running water and scented air fresheners).
3)      Back-up plans – make sure your venue has a back-up plan, whether it’s a separate indoor location (like The Mackey House offers), or tent rental, be sure if a heavy down pour comes your way, you can get your guests somewhere dry.  You can also book a “back-up” location if you need to, the danger in that is paying a holding fee and not using it.  Places like wineries, hotel courtyards, inns, The Mackey House, etc. will offer indoor/outdoor options should the worst happen.
4)      Accessorize – many times the venue is beautiful enough that you don’t need a lot of decorations, but a few can add a certain “j’ne sais quoi” with some special touches – floating candles in pools or large basins, local flowers for centerpieces, garden lanterns or tiki torches to line walkways – just to name a few.

Savannah, GA is a special place when it comes to the weather.  Occasionally we’ll hit a rainy patch and eventually it does start to get cool enough for a jacket, but most of the time, it is temperate enough to have your dream wedding outside, regardless of the time of year.

So whether you’re planning a wedding, corporate holidayparty, or regular get together, let The Mackey House event planning staff assist you because at The Mackey House, we are your place for events!

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