paper wedding decor

Paper Wedding Decor? Yes, Of Course!

You may think your wedding decor has to be exclusively outrageously expensive – but these days, things are rarely that way. Sure, you might want to have a wedding covered in real gold and diamonds and that’s perfectly fine. But if you value uniqueness more than luxurious opulence, you will definitely love the idea of incorporating paper wedding decor into your Big Day.

How to do that? Here are some truly inspiring ideas for you:

Paper Wedding Decor Alternatives

Paper Cranes

Paper cranes flying over your wedding. Playful and magical at the same time, white paper cranes are a truly fantastic choice for your wedding reception ceiling, or even for your outdoor ceremony area. Hang them above your guests’ heads and they will look absolutely lovely!

Paper Flower Backdrop

The special backdrop for a memorable moment. Your wedding ceremony will be charged with emotion, sentimentalism, and hope – so why not bring this into your ceremony backdrop as well? Create one with a few big paper flowers, or one with a “blackboard” design made from paper and paper flowers. Cute ideas for a remarkably unforgettable moment!

Paper Bouquets

Bridesmaids’ bouquets replacements. Want your bridesmaids to be just as unique as the wedding décor itself? Replace their traditional bouquets with paper flowers. Believe us, they can look absolutely stunning! And if you want something even more special (and definitely suitable for a hot summer day), replace their bouquets with paper parasols in beautiful colors. They will look amazing carrying these down the aisle, announcing your own big entrance!

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Photo credit: Dreamweaver Photos