Planning for Winter Weddings in Savannah, GA

Although temps here in the south are slowly climbing to peak heights, we’re already thinking about Winter Wedding Season at The Mackey House.

Winter Weddings are some of our favorites for a multitude of reasons.

1)      Southern Winters – while other places across the country experience snow and ice, the south remains, typically, untouched by the terribly frigid weather so getting married where thermostats are cooler but not frozen can lead to vacation time for friends and family members

2)      Decorations – winter wedding decor can bring a plethora of options to the table, literally.  Whether you decide to aim for a black and white color scheme or if you’d prefer to embrace the bold, dark colors of the season, winter options can tie-in seamlessly with tablecloths,  centerpieces, and flower arrangements

3)      Elegance – all weddings, regardless of season, have elegance about them that few other lifetime events can duplicate.  Adding the time of year where all of life becomes still, awaiting the renewal of rebirth (Spring) and you have culminated an aura of beauty and fashion that a bride can easily add into the dress of her entire wedding party

4)      Timing – because of the holidays, the natural flow of most workplaces begins to wind down, making it easier for friends and family to request days off to be a part of your first day as man and wife.  It’s important to have those you love around you when you start your new life path

5)      Food – Winter foods are warm, comforting, and savory.  Finding the perfect combinations to enhance the Winter Season can be fun and challenging but is one of our favorite times in the kitchen, working with the bride and groom to create the perfect plate of options

Whether you’re planning an outdoor winter wonderland for your wedding or an indoor retreat for your guests, The Mackey House can meet all of your needs, including decorations, food, cake, music – our event planning specialists will work with you to create the day you’ve always dreamed your wedding would be.

The Mackey House is one of the premier Savannah wedding venues, located just minutes from Downtown. For more information, please visit our Savannah wedding page, as well as join our conversation on Facebook and Twitter