Planning Your Dream Outdoor Wedding in Savannah

We’ve all heard the expression, “the sky’s the limit” and with planning your dream outdoor wedding it really can be! We’re so blessed to be in an area that is surrounded by nature and has great weather year-round, so here are a few necessary tips for planning outdoor weddings in Georgia.

Picking a Venue

When planning your dream outdoor wedding, anywhere can become a venue – your backyard, the beach, a garden, you name it! Some things to keep top of mind when deciding your venue are easily overlooked amenities like restrooms, prep areas for food, and power sources. Another key piece of wedding planning to consider when picking your venue is the size of your wedding. Just like searching for an indoor wedding venue, your guest list will help determine which locations may be too big or too small for you and your guests.

Pick a Theme

The beauty of planning your dream outdoor wedding is that you can have any look and feel you envision. This can sometimes be narrowed down based on the venue you pick – for example, weddings on the beach tend to lean towards more natural, ocean-related décor with flip flops as souvenirs for guests – but generally can be whatever you prefer. Because this is so open-ended, make sure you decide on a theme before you begin planning to ensure your design, food, and music flow seamlessly together.

fun wedding venues in Savannah, GAEmbracing Nature

Natural lighting, lush trees as backdrops, great ambiance – these are just a few of the magical elements that come free of charge when you have an outdoor wedding. Once you’ve picked your venue and theme, incorporate elements that fit your environment like solar lights that will turn on automatically once the sunsets. Additional ideas include candles with natural bug repellent to help your guests enjoy their time outside without being covered in bites, hand-held fans, commemorative sunglasses, and more.

Rain Plan

Whether you are having just your ceremony outdoors or the whole event, a rain plan is always something to have ready to go. This does not mean you need to pay for two venue locations, but simply being prepared in case the weather does not turn out as you planned. Is your tent weatherproof? Do you have enough umbrellas to keep your ceremony outside during a light sprinkle? How will you communicate to your guests? When your wedding day is here, these are questions you will be glad that you are prepared to answer.

At The Mackey House, our venues provide a mix of indoor and outdoor spaces. From completely outdoor areas like the Garden to the Pavilion which is covered and can be climate controlled, our venues are ideal for all outdoor weddings in Georgia. Contact us today to schedule a walkthrough to see our venues for yourself.