Planning your Office Party?

It can be a daunting task.  But somebody has to do it.  You know it needs to be done, but making all those people happy can be a chore by itself.

No, we’re not talking about choosing your next cell phone plan; we’re talking about planning your next office party.  You know the feeling, when you’ve just been assigned to be the next person to “host” the office party – particularly when it’s holiday party time.

Whether your company has 5 or 5,000 people, trying to make them all happy for one evening can be a nightmare.  Planning the food so everyone has something to eat – the vegetarians, the gluten-free-ers, the I only want it if there’s meat in it participants – the list goes on.

How do you choose even what to call it?  Holiday Party, Christmas Bash, Just come so we can have real social time together – gifts, no-gifts, anonymous gifts, dollar limit gifts…

It really can be a tough call, especially when you – all kidding aside – need to keep multi-cultural members of your workforce in mind.

Well – we’re here to rescue you from the molehill that’s become a mountain.  At The Mackey House, we’ve hosted countless parties, and we know how to keep the perfect balance to meet the needs of all your guests.

Holiday parties, retirement parties, end-of-the-quarter-and-the-numbers-are-up parties – anything your office needs to celebrate, let us help you plan THE party you and your officemates will never forget.

With customizable menus, decoration options, on-hand musicians and deejays, we will help ensure that you are all the talk around the water cooler the next day, but only because you made the night incredible.

Give us a call today and receive free venue rental for your next office party.  It’s our way of showing you what an amazing time we can help you create.*  Your office has had enough stress, it’s time for some celebrating!

*some restrictions apply, contact The Mackey House for details and planning.
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