Pros and Cons of Wedding Season in Savannah

Pros and Cons of Each Wedding Season: Savannah Edition

Deciding what time of the year you want to get married can often be just as difficult to choose as your venue or even dress. Each season holds its own suite of highlights, but with these highlights always come drawbacks. With a little extra planning, wedding venues in Savannah, Georgia, such as The Mackey House, can hold beautiful weddings all seasons throughout the year. To help you decide on what time of year you want to say “I do”, here is a list of pros and cons for each wedding season in Savannah.

  • Since winter is off-season, there is often more availability when booking your date.
  • With less weddings being held in the winter, yours will instantly stand out, and your guests are less likely to have another wedding to go to on the same weekend.
  • Winter weddings hold a unique charm that you cannot mimic in peak-season weddings by including hot chocolate bars, winter-specific decor, and fireplaces or candles.
  • With so many holidays in the winter, you are going to have to plan around them, and even then, some guests may still be traveling or saving money to visit family.
  • Although you will not have to worry about a snowstorm interfering with your wedding in Savannah, guests who are traveling from out of state may run into inclement weather, making travel difficult.
  • Flowers in Savannah are blooming in Spring, and the landscapes are green and lush, creating beautiful backdrops for weddings and photoshoots.
  • Springtime perfectly complements brighter color schemes and bridesmaid dresses.
  • With milder weather, you have more flexibility in holding an indoor or outdoor wedding and wearing a long-sleeve or no-sleeve dress.
  • Pollen is no stranger to the South, and with so many wedding venues in Savannah, Georgia boasting beautiful trees and flowers, allergies may creep up on you or your guests.
  • Savannah is known for its bipolar weather in the Spring, so you might have a decently cold wedding, or a very hot wedding. Rain is also abundant this time of year.
  • Summer weddings always boast a variety of menu options with many fruits and vegetables in season. You will also have a wide variety of flowers to choose from.
  • In warm weather, you are not restricted to an indoor wedding, so you can incorporate both indoor and outdoor spaces at your wedding venue.
  • If Savannah is known for one thing, it’s summer heat. The heat and humidity can be distracting to guests if your wedding is held outdoors.
  • Summer is also the most popular time for weddings, meaning that wedding venues are often booked up far in advance, and you may be competing for the best vendors.
  • Being the wettest season in Savannah, your wedding has a higher chance of needing to be moved indoors due to rain.
  • With temperatures starting to drop, fall weddings are often blessed with mild weather in Savannah, with days and nights that are not too hot and not too cold.
  • Darker color schemes blend perfectly into nature and create a warm and cozy atmosphere for weddings.
  • Fall is becoming the new summer for weddings, meaning that you may need to book your venue and vendors far in advance to avoid competition.
  • People may have just spent their traveling money on summer vacations, or they may be saving money to travel during the winter holidays, making attendance for Fall weddings a bit unpredictable.

No matter what time of year it is, The Mackey House knows how to cater to each season’s needs, so it can hold extraordinary weddings year-round. At our venue, you have the option of utilizing both refreshing outdoor areas and stunning indoor or enclosed spaces, complete with either heating or air conditioning to make your wedding just as comfortable as it will be beautiful.