Add Special Personal Touches to Your Wedding

Rainy Day? No Problem, Your Wedding Can Still Be Amazing

Of all the entities in the world, rain is the last one you want to invite to your wedding. Unfortunately, though, this is nobody’s call – and Mother Nature takes its course no matter how many weddings take place in a day.  How to be ready for a rainy wedding day and make the most out of it? We have some tips that will make your wedding day feel amazing despite the dampness in the air – so read on and find out more.

Set Your Wedding Up for Success

First of all, make sure everyone’s protected. You can either rent a wedding tent and decorate it in a way that is coordinated with your wedding theme, or you can simply rent a venue that offers spaces both indoors and outdoors. This way, you can easily switch in case rain comes.

Get Accessories to make it Cute

Furthermore, prepare some props and last-minute accessories to use in the wedding pictures if it rains. A few cute umbrellas (maybe transparent?) for you and your wedding party, adorable jelly boots, raincoats, and a myriad of other elements can be beautifully incorporated into the wedding pictures. All you need is a big smile on your face and a photographer who can actually work on dimmer natural light.

If It Does Rain, Then Take It In Stride

Don’t be sad if it rains! Take this and turn it into a unique wedding element in its own right! You cannot control weather – but that doesn’t mean you should allow weather to control your mood! Smile, be happy and enjoy your Big Day – your love story deserves it!

We hope that these tips helped shed some light on getting things ready in case you have a rainy day on your wedding date.

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Photo credit: Dreamweaver Photos