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6 Reasons to Have Your Corporate Events at The Mackey House

Planning a corporate event can be quite stressful, especially when there is a lot at stake. And finding the best and most beautiful venue to help you with this is extremely important when you want your event to turn out flawless.

Here at The Mackey House, we provide our corporate clients with a gorgeous venue for them to have their events. Why is it that people choose us? Why would you choose us as well? Here are 5 reasons to have your corporate events at The Mackey House:

  • – We are versatile. Although unique in its architecture and style, The Mackey House is more than versatile and we can accommodate a wide range of ideas.
  • – We are special. Come see our venue and we guarantee its “look” will enchant you. There’s something absolutely beautiful about every single inch of our architecture – and we genuinely take pride in this!
  • – Our décor is perfect. Our high ceilings, our marvelously polished floors and our amazing lighting are all perfect for corporate events where every single guest feels truly great.
  • – We will make for beautiful memories. Everything at The Mackey House is created to build long-lasting, unforgettable memories – so if you want your event to be truly magnificent, we are the answer you have been searching for.
  • – We have a package ready for you. If you decide that Mackey House is the next corporate venue you will use for your business, simply contact us and we will make sure to give you all the details included in our Corporate Event Package.
  • Last but not least. We have wonderful event managers that  will help build the perfect event saving a lot of your valuable time.


Come visit The Mackey House, contact us and book us for your next corporate event – there is absolutely no way you will ever regret having chosen us!


Photo source: Dreamweaver Photos