Royal Wedding Anniversary lessons

Kate and William’s one year anniversary is coming up and while the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge make plans to commemorate the event, it reminds us all of the importance of celebration.

Being able to reflect on milestones is an integral part of any relationship, whether it’s marriage, employment, birthdays, religious events, or other, sharing the event with those closest to you in a party atmosphere helps reignite positive energy.

We hear infomercials consistently talking about the importance of rekindling the passionate spark in your marriage, but truly the same can be said for any relationship in our lives – which is why days that seem to me almost meaningless still hold our attention today.  Don’t believe it, think about the following:

Valentine’s Day
Mothers’ Day
Fathers’ Day
Grandparents’ Day
Bosses’ Day
Administrative Assistants’ Day

Each of these so-called days reminds us to celebrate each relationship and its importance in our everyday lives.  All relationships, even friendships, need to
be cared for and revered otherwise you may start taking one another for granted.

So what kinds of momentous occasions do you have that need commemorate?  Every event is worth a little extra effort if it shows someone how much they mean to you.

Want to thank and motivate your employees?  We can help arrange for guest speakers and on-site events that will be more than the doctor ordered.

Need to celebrate a milestone birthday?  Let us help find entertainment, decorations, food, the works to make sure the day is all about the birthday boy or girl.

What about an anniversary or vow renewal?  We can help make all the arrangements for both the ceremony and the reception.

Have an annual family reunion coming up?  We will not only work with you for fun and frivolity for the actual reunion event, but we’ll help find the best places in Savannah for your extended family to make the most of their visit.

Whatever you are celebrating let our experts at The Mackey House help you make the most of the event and allow you to enjoy being with the people you want to be with.  After all, celebrating relationships is what it’s all about!

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