Should I Have My Gown Cleaned after My Wedding?

Your wedding gown is very important to you and that’s perfectly understandable. You’ve spent countless hours “hunting” for the one and you’ll be wearing it on the most important day of your life. Should you have it cleaned after your wedding, though? Here are some of the things that will make you want to do this.


  • As mentioned before, you have spent a lot of time searching for your perfect wedding gown. And while the wedding day may come and go, there’s absolutely no reason in the world why your dress shouldn’t look pretty and clean after the big day too.
  • If you really care about this gown, you will also want to preserve it as a memory of the most fabulous day you’ve ever lived through. Sure, getting the gown to a professional who will preserve it in perfect state is a good option – but it all starts with a thorough cleaning job.
  • You may want to offer this gown to your daughter when she grows up. In this case, you will definitely want to clean it after the wedding and have someone preserve it the proper way.
  • Also, you may choose to have your wedding gown cleaned after the wedding if you want to sell it to a consignment shop. This way, your dress will be presentable and you might even get a nice sum of money for it.

The Mackey House has seen many happy brides but the happiest ones were always those who felt absolutely gorgeous in their gowns and those who felt that their dresses are worth all the attention possible. Our venue will be surrounded by the marvelous natural beauties of Savannah and, together with your splendid dress, it will definitely make for the most gorgeous wedding pictures you have ever seen!

Photo source: Hope