Should You Have a Rehearsal Lunch?

Every lady who was once a bride knows just how much effort goes into making sure every miniscule detail is taken into consideration when it comes to a wedding. Who sits by whom, how will the invitations look, what shoes should you wear, what flowers to place and where – there seems to be an endless list of things to do and, even more than that, an endless list of options for each and every one of these things.
Your lunch definitely doesn’t fall within the last things you want to handle, but it can definitely be confusing. Aside from what food to serve, what caterer to choose and whether or not you should be serving cake or other desserts, you will also have to think of whether or not you will need a rehearsal lunch.
Not everyone chooses to have one, but before you make a choice you may want to take the following things into consideration:
• You don’t have to invite everyone at the wedding to your rehearsal dinner or lunch. In fact, inviting just the key people should be enough. Remember that the purpose of this lunch is to make sure everything is in perfect order and to help the people who will be giving speeches to handle the situation better too.
• You don’t have to serve a full three-course meal. This is, after all, a rehearsal and the main point is, as mentioned above, to take care of the last details before the big day.
• Your wedding caterer can probably provide you with a different menu for your rehearsal dinner or lunch if you ask them too. This way, nobody will get bored of certain foods just because they had them twice.
• Make sure you leave some time in between the rehearsal dinner and the wedding itself so that you have enough time to solve any issue that may appear.
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