Spring into a Vow Renewal Ceremony

The season of Spring has always been noted as a time of year for rebirth, renewal, and growth.  What better time to renew your commitment to your loved one than Spring.

Vow Renewal Ceremonies are special, heart-warming, and sometimes surprising.  We’ve hosted a number of them, including Jeff and Kristy Weed who were (and are) married but never had the wedding Kristy wanted.  This beautiful story is only one of many we’ve had the honor to host.

Jeff surprised Kristy with the wedding she always wanted but never had and they were able to have it as a vowel renewal ceremony with all their friends.  The best part, Jeff planned the whole thing without Kristy suspecting a thing.

Spring time is great for putting together vow renewal events.  Whether it’s for a specific anniversary, a new family, or just a rededication of the couple to their love for one another, vowel renewal ceremonies have special needs all unto themselves.

Some ideas for making the day even more memorable:

1)     Vows – consider writing them yourselves.  Because it’s a renewal, people don’t necessarily look for the traditional “I dos” from the highlighted couple.  This is your chance to say what you’ve always wanted to say and to promise what you want to promise rather than repeat what the official has to say.

2)     Decorations – again, this isn’t a traditional setting so feel free to express your unique love for one another through your color choice, your decorations, even your menu.  If you always wished you’d had bubbles blown all throughout your wedding, do it now.

3)     Attire – maybe you wore the traditional wedding garb to your original wedding, know that this time you don’t have to.  Do you have an outfit that suits you better than the ideal wedding gown?  Then go with it, you may even want to extend the look out to a theme.

4)     Music – when you danced your first dance as a married couple, did you really dance to your favorite song or did you go with something the crowd would approve?  Has your taste in music changed or is there a newer song that represents your feelings for one another more than the original?

Whatever your reason for your vow renewal ceremony, let us help make your day what you always dreamed it would be – or what you want it to be now.  We’re here to make it exactly what you want!

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