2015 Spring Wedding Trends

Spring wedding trends are finally here! If you want to have a fabulous spring wedding too, make sure to check out with some of our favorite trends because they will definitely inspire you!


  • Colored wedding dresses. This year, wedding gown designers have pushed the “colored wedding dress” idea even further. While blush pink is still popular, wedding dresses this year come in many other shades as well: gray, silver, dusty white and even black-and-white combinations! If you want to stick to the “white dress” tradition, that’s perfectly fine. But if you want to be a bit more daring, such a dress would be an amazing choice!
  • Masala. This is the it color in terms of spring wedding trends – and you will definitely fall in love with it as well. Toned down and yet still bold enough, perfect both for very elegant weddings and for rustic-chic weddings, Masala is indeed a wonderful option. Pair it with white, roasted almond or bolder colors and you will create a wedding décor that is truly remarkable!
  • Vintage. Over the past few years, we have seen how vintage weddings became extremely popular out there – and it seems that the beginning of 2015 makes no exception from the “rule”. You don’t even have to plan a “100%” vintage wedding – just “sprinkling” it with vintage motifs will be more than enough if you want a fashionable, elegant and stylish wedding.

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