The Essential Guide To Keep Pokémon Go From Ruining Your Wedding

Technology has brought a lot of benefits into our lives – but, like everything in this world, it can also have plenty of disadvantages too. For example, the fact that we’re all permanently glued to our smartphones is one of the less positive aspects of being permanently connected to the Internet. In many respects, this has even changed the way we enjoy certain special events in our lives.

How do you keep technology from ruining your wedding? And even more specifically, how do you keep the Pokémon craze from making your Big Day less enjoyable? Here is the essential guide to keep Pokémon Go from ruining your wedding.

  • – Put up signs. In general, people will be more than willing to respect a wedding – so, if you are getting married in a more public place, make sure to create some nice signs that attention people there’s a special event going on. If, however, there are still uninvited intruders at your wedding, be polite and tell them to leave.
  • – Go completely offline. Sure, this may be a challenge in a world where we’re all online 24/7. But many brides and grooms choose to plan an unplugged wedding –and it can definitely work out great. Just make sure you let guests know this is going to be a gadget-free wedding and they will be happy to respect your decision.
  • – Ask people to help you out. Your bridesmaids, your close friends and family – they can all be enrolled to help you with those guests who spend a little too much time on Pokémon Go. This is the ideal solution if you don’t want to go completely unplugged, but still want to make sure people are spending time on the dance floor and having fun, not with their eyes glued to the smartphone screen.



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Photo source: Dreamweaver Photos