The steps before “I Do”

The proposal – sorry ladies, today’s message really is for the men in the audience.

You’ve met the right woman, check.  You’ve picked out the perfect ring, check.  You’ve talked to her parents prior to asking her (a little old fashioned, but hey, we’re going for sentiment), check.

Now, how do you ask that special someone to be with you for the rest of your lives?  Always a tricky thing because you want it to be memorable without being cheese, overdone, or uncomfortable.  It’s a balancing act.

There are things to keep in mind while planning this momentous occasion:

1)     Your bride-to-be:  what does she like?  What means something intimate to her?  If she’s a strong family person, maybe being with family during that moment will mean the most.  If she’s a sports-nut, perhaps the stadium might be a better idea.  You have more tools than you know with this one.

2)     Cost: like everything else, you’ll want to have a budget in mind for this.  If you have the bucks to spend, do it – and if you need to stay within a price range, you can, remember the sentiment is the most important part.

3)     Location: will your significant other prefer a crowd to witness the event or is she more private and want it to be shared between the two of you?  Sometimes you have to listen to clues to know which one is preferable (e.g.  “I can’t believe anyone would do something like that in public,” is a good sign that she wouldn’t want to be a spectacle).

4)     Ambiance: much like the blogs we’ve written about your day, you want to make this moment about the two of you.  Do you have a favorite restaurant, movie, or the place where you first met?  Find something that says the two of you as a couple to help increase the memorability of the moment.

5)     The ask: now to the important part, how do you ask her?  Hopefully you’ve at least discussed marriage prior to purchasing the ring, but how you ask can make a world of difference.  Is she a want-you-down-on-one-knee kind or a take-my-hand-and-look-me-in-the-eye kind?  Using the literal “will you marry me” line typically works for verbiage.

Need help in deciding the best way?  Talk to her family, they’ve known her all her life, and particularly if she has a sibling, they will be willing
to assist you.  The most important part is to make it fun, memorable, and something that shows you thought about her prior to asking the big question.

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