Theme Weddings for 2012

Theme Weddings for 2012

Whether you dream of princess surroundings, punk rock décor, or just want your day to reflect your favorite color, Theme Weddings are a great way to secure your vision for your day.

The trend continues to grow throughout the wedding world as everything from Winter Wonderland, to Fairy Tales, to Black-and-White Weddings – it helps keep your guests, your planner (even if it’s you), and your ideas focused on one centralized message making details simpler.

The Top Eight Wedding Themes for 2012 are (or so we’re predicting):

1)     Beach Theme – it’s a favorite, especially around Savannah, GA and the southeast – and a great one to mimic even if you’re uncomfortable having it on the beach itself.

2)     Princess Theme – we praise Disney for making this one popular again, and doesn’t every little girl believe she is a princess on the inside, why not make it for your day!

3)     Color Themes – although colors are a large part of the wedding decision, choosing the color as the official theme can make decorating an easy task!

4)     Sci-Fi Themes – even those crazy nerds from The Big Bang Theory will one day get married, so why not theme it so they can have a good time?

5)     Location Themes – many brides and grooms have places that are near and dear to their hearts – ocean to mountains to international locales – the place can be as important as anything else.

6)     Royal Themes – there are a number of people enthralled with the idea of Royal Weddings, look to this year having a number of brides walking down the aisle in Kate-similar-garb

7)     Time Period Themes – believe it or not, Victorian time periods are still essential, others we’ve seen include vintage, 20s and 80s most recently.

8)     Holiday Themes – from Christmas to 4th of July and everything in between, weddings are now looking to learn from other holidays across the globe!

Whatever you decide to do for your wedding – whether a theme or not – make sure it’s your day and that you remember to have fun.  A day that you and
your spouse-to-be will remember forever, should be a day that reflects the two of you, your love and your uniqueness.

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