5 Things Every Summer Bride Should Know

Summer is here in full force – and for many of the brides-to-be, this also means that their wedding date is rapidly approaching. What are some of the most important things every summer brides should know? Read here and find out more:


  • – Keep yourself hydrated. This day will be full of emotions and nervousness as it is – the last thing you need is to dehydrate yourself and feel ill as a consequence. And the same thing stays valid for your guests as well: make sure to provide them with water, ice tea and refreshments both throughout the ceremony and throughout the reception.
  • – Think of some shading options. Don’t allow your guests to stay out in the sun for more than a couple of minutes – provide them with some shade options (such as parasols, choosing a venue that has a lot of shady trees and so on).
  • – Stay away from grass (and especially from wet grass). It will stain you (and your bridal party’s) shoes and, if you are wearing long dresses, it will also stain those as well.
  • – Use anti-perspirant on your…feet. Believe it or not, this will lower the odds that you get painful blisters that would ruin your Big Day. Also, don’t forget to take a travel-sized deodorant with you as well.
  • – Make sure your food is fresh (and that it will stay fresh throughout the wedding). Talk to your venue and/or catering manager and see what options they have to make sure they store the food in a completely safe way, so that it doesn’t go bad.


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Photo source: Dreamweaver Photos