Things to not forget when wedding planning

No matter what type of wedding you’re planning, there are always a million things flying around in your head, often too many to remember them all. Even the small, quick weddings can cause a headache of to-dos before the big “I do”.

Because we understand the chaos that comes with planning an event, especially a wedding, we’ve made some last minute checklists to help make your big day a success, because there are often things forgotten that will make a big difference in your guests’ enjoyment.

1)     Winter Weddings – Considering that these weddings take place during the colder seasons make sure you have some type of heating devices outside, EVEN IF YOU ARE HAVING AN INDOOR WEDDING. People like to step out, whether it be to make a phone call, smoke, or just to get outside, make sure there is at least on or two outdoor heaters.

2)     Reception Food – Even if you’re planning for an intimate get together for your special day, keep in mind people have different dietary needs: gluten free, lactose intolerance, kosher, vegetarian – it’s good to keep a variety in the food you plan to serve.  Talk to your caterer and get some ideas, finger foods can easily be varied and keep multiple tastes in mind.

3)     Seating Assignments – Whether it’s six tables or sixty, including the wedding party’s, make sure to have names of who is to sit where. This way not much time is spent of people moving around, trying to decide where to sit, and you can keep the event moving smoothly.

4)     Transportation –  If the ceremony and reception are going to be held at separate venues, make sure there is some type of transportation between the two, just in case. It doesn’t need to be anything big, but optional transportation is always appreciated.

Quickly planned weddings or very small weddings definitely have their advantages, but there are often little things forgotten that can make a huge difference.

So whether you are planning you wedding at the Mackey House or at another location, hopefully this short checklist will help remind you of the little, last minute things that will make your big day a memorable success.

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