5 Things You Should Never Do at a Wedding

No matter how great a friend you are with the bride and/or groom, there are things you should never do at a wedding. What are these things and, even more, why is it that they are considered to be “faux pas”? Read on and find out more.


• Be delicate about the +1. If the wedding invitation does not specify it, make sure you don’t bring a +1 without checking with the bride and groom first. Moreover, don’t bring another +1 than the one you mentioned because this might put him/her in an awkward position.
• Don’t complain about your seat (or try to switch it with someone else). You will offend the person who has thought long and hard about these details (the bride, in most of the cases). Stay there, mingle with the other guests and try to be sociable.
• Don’t try to attract too much attention on you. This night is about the bride and groom – so dressing too sexy, crying too much (and loudly) and getting too tipsy are definitely things you should never do at a wedding.
• Don’t dress like the bridesmaids (or like the groomsmen). Even if you do feel a bit touched by the fact that you were not asked to be in the wedding party, try not to make a show out of this. Wear nice clothes, be elegant, but try to avoid the colors/cuts that will be worn by the bridesmaids and groomsmen.
• Don’t take the table décor home with you without asking the bride first. They might be rentals that have to be returned – and the last thing you want is to “over-charge” your friends’ bills with some extra vases and flower arrangements.

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Photo source: Dreamweaver Photos