Tips for Hosting a Stylish Winter Wedding at The Mackey House

One of the most important and special decisions you will make while planning your wedding is deciding what time of year to celebrate! Spring and fall are two of the most popular seasons for weddings in Savannah (and throughout the country!) for great reasons—the weather is beautiful, and there are plenty of flowers blooming throughout both seasons. But when we think of Savannah wedding days we have loved at The Mackey House, we think winter is one of the best-kept secrets.

Because Savannah is located on the water and in the South, we enjoy a much more temperate climate than our friends up north. Snow is not in our forecast, and our temperatures typically stay in the 60s. Spending time outside in the winter remains comfortable, but there is just enough of a cooling in the air to welcome wraps, new in-season blooms, and, of course, deeper, richer color palettes.

From what to wear to where to celebrate at The Mackey House, we’re sharing three key details about winter weddings below.

What to Wear:

Photo via Carrie Bradshaw Lied

As we mentioned, Savannah’s weather in the winter typically stays in the 60s during the day. Of course, temperatures do tend to dip in the evening. Most ceremonies and receptions begin in the late afternoon or early evening, so wearing attire that can transition between varied temperatures is key.
Many of our couples opt for cocktail attire at The Mackey House. Many think it’s just formal enough, and we agree! Here’s what we recommend for ladies and gents:


Start with a cocktail-length dress. Typically, that’s one that falls just above your knees. We also love seeing midi-length dresses that fall mid-calf. Either is perfect! Then, add heels (or flats!) that are comfortable for you to walk in. Keep in mind that one of our ceremony locations is a side garden, so you may want to wear more of a block heel to be comfortable briefly walking in the grass. To finish your look, consider adding a pashmina scarf to wear as a wrap, or add a cool leather jacket or blazer.


For gents, getting dressed for a wedding always feels just a little easier! Most men who attend weddings at The Mackey House opt for slacks paired with a long-sleeve dress shirt and a sport coat. A classic black suit is always appropriate and so is a pair of khaki slacks paired with a navy blazer. Don’t forget to add a tie and dress shoes!

Mackey House Arbor in the Garden | Photo via The Mackey House

Where to Walk Down the Aisle:

At The Mackey House, we have two separate locations perfect for ceremonies. Both are outside, and they each offer their own unique charm.


The Garden:

The Garden is popular because there is a beautiful arbor that serves as a backdrop and the top of a wedding aisle. The aisle is brick paved, and there is plenty of space on either side to add rows of chairs for your guests. To add extra flair to the arbor, consider adding greenery, like cedar or eucalyptus, and flowers that are in season throughout the year, like roses.

The Pavilion:

Just as its name might lead you to believe, The Pavilion is our covered ceremony location. Perfect for couples who want to keep the weather top of mind, the white wood beams that cross throughout the space are one of our favorite details. We also love that the brick fireplace and wooden mantle serve as the ceremony backdrop. Just as we mentioned above for the arbor, adding greenery and in-season flowers, especially those in neutral shades like ivory, look beautiful. We can also add heaters for extra warmth!

Where to Celebrate:

No matter the season, our wedding receptions are hosted either on our deck or in The Pavilion. Below are features of both!

The Deck. Photo By Bronston Photography

The Deck:

We have to admit that we love when The Deck glows brightly in the winter! No matter the season, our favorite feature of our deck is the views couples and their guests can enjoy. From this vantage point, everyone can look behind them and see the house fully lit up. Plus, everyone can also see the grounds, Pavilion, and lake beyond. It’s beautiful!

For wedding receptions, we always add a large canopy tent. You’re welcome to add string lights underneath, and the tent can also accommodate heaters for added warmth. Plus, we can seat 180 guests, and most couples position the dance floor on the tent’s edge so that everyone can look out on the grounds. Centerpieces formed by candles offer a lovely added glow during the winter, and we’re always in favor of flowers, too!

The Pavillion. Photo by Magnolia + Wyld Photography

The Pavilion:

Just as we mentioned above, The Pavilion can also be transformed for receptions during cocktail hour. The brick fireplace, which we’re happy to light for you, provides an ambiance that is truly second to none. Plus, there’s plenty of space for tables. We can seat up to 136 guests for a plated dinner, and there’s still plenty of room for a dance floor! We love seeing greenery garlands and candles line tables as centerpieces because they’re in season and provide a wonderful feeling of warmth.
Will we welcome you to The Mackey House for your winter wedding? We would love to talk further about your vision of celebrating in Savannah!

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