Top 10 Wedding Trends for 2014

For some of the brides out there, fashion matters and since the trends change with every season, they will want to be up to date so that their wedding really falls into the “rules” of these trends. If you are one of these brides, you definitely want to check out with the following very important wedding trends to take into consideration in 2014:
1. Duty pastels, green and white is the wedding décor combination of this fall and winter and it looks amazing!
2. Velvet and sequin layered for the table arrangements are also very IN so do not hesitate to give them a thought.
3. Woodland motifs and various branches can make for a great center piece, especially when combined with dusty and white flowers.
4. Evergreens are also big this season and they are combined with all sorts of non-floral and floral elements when it comes to the flower arrangements for weddings.
5. For the food, pies in small cups are really popular (and in general any kind of comfort food is popular this season). Have your caterer bake these in small pots/cups guests can take home and you solve the wedding favors issue too!
6. If your wedding is in the winter (or late fall) part of the year, don’t forget about comfort drinks too – they seem to be very trendy in 2014 and they will add a “comfortable” feeling to your wedding.
7. The 20s are still popular, so do not hesitate to have a vintage wedding inspired by the Great Gatsby story if you want your wedding to be really impressive.
8. Wedding dresses are ivory white or dusty, cream-colored and they are paired with amazingly beautiful, deep red bouquets.
9. Bridesmaids’ dresses are less traditional. Pinks and pastels are forgotten for the 2014 fall and winter, and deep purples and blacks take their place. Elegance and classiness for your bridal party!
10. Go all 60s for your hair and makeup and inspire yourself from the much beloved Marilyn. Big hair and berry-red lips are very fashionable this year!
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