Top 5 reasons to have a destination wedding in Savannah, GA

The reasons to have a destination wedding are varied and numerous.  Really, all weddings should represent the couple starting their new life together, whether it’s close or far from home.   Destination weddings are gaining in popularity, and many of the reasons listed below are why they are becoming a staple in the wedding world:

1)       The Complete Package – Destination weddings are so “in” right now that you can customize everything you want down to the nit-pickiest detail, and it will be taken care of for you.  Your wedding planner, or site coordinator depending on where you’re getting married, will take care of everything without you having to lift a finger, other than to call and check in occasionally.

2)      Saving Money – Many times, depending on how far the destination may be from family and friends, it can cut down on your costs, particularly for the reception.  For example, if you choose to get married more than 500 miles away from the majority of your family; they may not be able to participate…which can help your bottom line.

3)      Combining Honeymoon and Wedding site – If you’re planning to have your wedding in a special place, you may not need to pay extra travel for your honeymoon, you can stay and your guests can leave – again, it can be a big money saver for your budget.

4)      Creates a “middle ground” – many couples meet in locations where they didn’t grow up these days, maybe you’re from different states or even different countries – a destination wedding can really help both families be able to attend the wedding.  For example, if you grew up in Maryland and your soon to be spouse grew up in Texas, a great destination wedding spot could be (although a little prejudiced on our part) Savannah, GA.  Keeping it on a coastline, it’s a great destination for family members on each side to take a vacation, have the honeymoon, and it’s not TOO far from the families on either side.

5)      GREAT wedding photographs – if you’re picking a destination, not only will it mean something to you, but ultimately the area will mean something to you.  So, instead of having typical wedding photographs (which are nice too), you can have outstanding pictures with the background of your choice – from mountains to ocean, you get to choose what is behind you on your wedding day, guaranteeing you the pictures you’ve always dreamed!

The Mackey House prides itself on our full service ability and to help you, should you choose Savannah, GA as your destination wedding spot, create the wedding day you’ve held in your heart since you said yes to the engagement.  We will work with you, no matter where you are now, to make your dream wedding come to life.

We can even assist you, should a destination wedding be your choice, with planning bridal party getaways and groomsmen nights out.  Whatever needs you have, we’ll help you with it, from the first day you call us, to the day you say “I do,” we will make your wedding day be everything you want it to be and more.

The Mackey House is a premier Savannah wedding venue located just minutes from Downtown. Contact us today to talk about your upcoming event!