Savannah Weddings: Top 5 Wedding Favors

Finding the best wedding favors to give out to your guests can be tough, so we created a list of 5 favors we know your guests will love!

Plantable card favors—these eco-friendly favors are great giveaways to your guests. With this favor, guests can look back on your wedding day for years to come with their own lovely plant!

plantable card favors

Soy candles—everyone loves a good candle! These personalized candles are easy to travel with and create a relaxing atmosphere thanks to its amazing scent.

personalized soy candle favors

Charity wedding favors—the wedding day doesn’t always have to be about the bride and groom. Instead, everyone can have the chance to give back to the newlywed’s favorite charity. This sweet gesture will have everyone leaving with their hearts full with compassion.

charity wedding favors

Mini candy jars—guests may satisfy their sweet tooth with mini jars filled with the bride and groom’s favorite candy. This gift serves as a bonus if the reception has its own candy station for anyone to refill their jar with!

personalized mini candy jar favors

Personalized water bottles—this simple gift may come in handy for those needing to cool down after a night of dancing at the wedding reception. Having the bride and groom’s own design on the water bottle gives a more creative spin to this favor.

personalized water bottles

The Mackey House can’t get enough of these wedding favors, and hopefully one of these ideas is just what your guests want!

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