Bridesmaids Don’t Like Each Other

Top Tips to Follow If Your Bridesmaids Don’t Like Each Other

Of course, you want to choose as bridesmaids those people who are closest to you and your heart. Does this mean they are bound to get along together, though?  Most likely not, and here’s what you should do if your bridesmaids don’t like each other.

Top Tips to Follow If Your Bridesmaids Don’t Like Each Other

  1. Make sure you listen. The key to resolving any conflict is knowing how to listen to both sides and see which are the main issues lying behind them. Be their counselor, as you are the one who knows both of the “parties” really well, and you are the one who can find a solution to this conflict.
  2. Have an honest discussion face to face. If things go completely crazy and you start to be overwhelmed by the fight between your bridesmaids, it is definitely time to have a heartfelt discussion with each of the “quarreled” parties.
  3. Be sure you don’t take it personally. Of course, you want everything to be really happy on your wedding day (and before it!). And sure, it can be quite easy to take this personally. However, your bridesmaids don’t want to make you feel miserable on your wedding day – they just have their own opinions and these opinions have nothing to do with you or your personality.
  4. Last, but definitely not least, avoid taking sides – and do this at all costs. The minute you took a side is the minute you will “lose” the other’s side’s heart. Don’t ruin friendships over trifles – instead of defending the one or the other, try to bring peace between the two!

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