Top Trends for Today’s Brides and Grooms @ The Mackey House

It’s always fun to take a look at the hottest innovations in weddings, especially when interpreted by our very own newlyweds during their Savannah weddings. Here are some of the popular and emerging bridal trends of 2012, highlighted with images (and shared with our deepest gratitude) by the photographic experts at Life’s Stories Photography:

Everything Old is New Again

Nostalgia runs high at sentimental events, and weddings are no exception. Personal touches abound and guests delight in seeing the glimpses of the roots of each newlywed. Elaborate photo displays take all forms and offer reminders of the love stories that came before. Family heirlooms get new life as design elements: a stunning antique brooch is as likely to accent a bouquet as a bride’s sash, and gentlemen are not left out of the fun! Boutonnieres feature higher end flowers like orchids or stephanotis and are perfectly presented with different textiles, jewels and antique buttons of their own. Even departures feature a retro flair: antique cars are one of the most popular means of exiting receptions with style.

Color and Design

The days of pastels and barely-there hues have taken a backseat to bold gem tones and even bolder patterns. The zig-zag of the Chevron design is found on printed materials, linens and ribbons. Striped straws accent everything from fancy cocktails to old-school soda bottles making bars more colorful and fun. Sashes, gowns, ruffles and fanciful cakes are all found in the “Ombre” scheme which fades delicately in a single color from dark to light. New patterns are popping up on the pages of the latest magazines and adding depth to the prettiest of presentations.

“Glam” and “Luxe”

Many of today’s brides are opting to take their weddings up a notch and incorporate luxurious specialty linens and runners, upscale fabrics for extra flair, dramatic uplighting and glamorous accents that add glimmer and shine. These hints of “posh” can be seen incorporated into centerpieces, on guest and display tables, in both ceremony and reception décor and of course, in bridal and bridesmaid fashion.

Beyond Paint and Canvas

Instead of featuring seating lists in frames and printed diagrams with seating arrangements, today’s brides are finding alternative ways to get the message across. Directional signs pointing to ceremonies are hand-painted on weathered wood in wedding colors. Bar options are scrawled artfully on chalkboards and both menus and seating charts are inscribed on old glass window panes. Brides are flocking to and flooding social media sites with nifty ways to use discarded items to create wedding magic so you won’t have to look far for inspiration!

Which of today’s trends inspires you most? What will you incorporate into your special wedding day?





















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