6 Trending Wedding Theme Ideas for 2016

If you are like just about every other bride, you will want to choose a wedding theme that suits your style, your personality, but, more importantly, your love story too. How do you do that, though? What are some of the most beloved trending wedding theme ideas for 2016? We have gathered some tips to inspire you – so read on and find out more.

  • – Fairytale wedding. This is a theme that will never go out of fashion, for as long as there are fairy tales, there are also ladies dreaming of their Prince Charming. Do not be afraid to be very opulent with this theme!
  • – Bohemian. Looking for the perfect combination between elegant, vintage, rustic and DIY? You are in for a bohemian wedding, then! It is a truly feminine and delicate choice you will surely love!
  • – Pastels. If you want your wedding to be inspired by the delicacy of spring and summer and if you want to create a very gentle, suave and relaxing vibe at your wedding, center it on the idea of pretty pastels. It will look lovely!
  • – Vintage. Now, here’s a theme that never goes out of fashion! This year, go for a vintage wedding with dark shades of red, pearls, lace and you will create an event that is truly elegant and absolutely unforgettable.
  • – Greenery. Want an energy boost for your wedding’s vibe? We suggest you settle on a wedding theme inspired by greenery gardens. It will be refreshing and genuinely memorable!
  • – Twilight. Planning a very special event? Have your wedding at twilight and we guarantee all of your guests will fall in love with this amazing and almost magical idea!


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Photo source: Dreamweaver Photos