5 Unique Ways to Display Your Wedding Food

Your wedding food is one of the most important parts of the Big Day. And while taste will matter a lot, the truth is that the way your food is displayed can make a huge difference too. What are some of the most unique ways to display your wedding food, though? We have gathered 5 of the most beautiful ones – so read on if you want to find out more:

  • – Pies at different heights. Serving cake at the wedding is perfectly fine – but if you want to add a warm , welcoming touch to the Big Day, you should definitely go for a variety of pies. Display them at different heights on a special table and they will look truly amazing.
  • – Unique décor. Your food tables have to be decorated too. Make sure you are creative about the way you do this if you want everything to look unique. For instance, hanging terrariums with succulents in them will make for a perfect piece of décor for an outdoor wedding’s food tables (especially if everything else is on the rustic-chic side).
  • – Special shots. Aside from the actual food and drinks, make sure you provide your guests with special snacks as well. For instance, “shooter snacks” are very popular these days and there’s a huge variety of options you can choose from: tomato soup and grilled cheese, milk and cookies, and so on.
  • – Snacks in eating utensils. Make it easy for your guests to grab a snack by displaying them on the actual eating utensils. For instance, if you want to have a cheese bar, place small pieces of cheese in forks and display them as they are.
  • – Unique bars. Candy bars are great, but if you want to truly surprise your guests, think of something more original than that. For instance, an ice cream bar where guests can customize their own sweet (and ice-cold) snack would be a fun idea.


No matter what you choose, rest assured that The Mackey House will be able to accommodate your amazing wedding ideas. Come visit us in Savannah, take a look around and book us for an unforgettable wedding day!


Photo source: Dreamweaver Photos