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Veils Revealed

To some brides, the veil is an ancient accessory, a dated reference to one’s virginity. Which, let’s face it, isn’t something many brides still acquire by the time they walk down the isle. The veil hid the virginal bride from her groom until he became her husband. Then it was lifted at the end of the ceremony as a way to symbolically consummate the marriage.

Eventually veils were traded in for tiaras, hair accessories, flowers, hats, etc., and even if a veil is worn, rarely does it cover the bride’s face. But like many vintage styles, the veil is coming back. It’s classic, elegant, and can take on a modern twist that doesn’t scream CHASTITY.


  • No need for cathedral length sheaths and full frontal coverage.  (UNLESS YOU LIKE THAT!)
  • You can go shorter. EVEN BOB SHORT. This is a fun 40’s look.
  • Add something on the top in combination with the veil.
    • Hairpiece
    • Tiara
    • Flower/rose
    • Small hat
  • Lace is always beautiful.
  • You can still have your hair done up…or down.
  • It can sit at the back of your head. There is no need for it to cover your whole head.

In other words, veils don’t have to be a sign of purity anymore. It wasn’t the veil itself that represented a right of passage to the new husband. It was the act of revealing the bride’s face that ‘gave her away’.

Veils are beautiful, elegant, classic, and often something that is passed down over generations. They are traditional, but they don’t have to look traditional. There are hundreds of years worth of styles out there to choose from, including the year 2012. So whether you are a nostalgic bride, pulling inspiration from the past, or a modern bride with a unique look, there is a way to make your headpiece your own.

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