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5 Ways to Honor a Deceased Loved One at Your Wedding

Love has no boundaries – and when a loved one passes away, we always want to keep them with us, in our hearts, forever alive. If one of your loved ones have died, but if you still want to include them in your wedding day, you should definitely know that this is more than allowed.

How to do it? Here are 5 ways to honor a deceased loved one at your wedding:

  • – Save them a seat. The ones who have left this Earth will always be there with us – and keeping a seat empty for that special someone in your life can definitely remind you of how much they loved you and how much they wanted you to be happy on this day of your life.
  • – Serve their favorite food. Did this person have a really favorite food, or maybe a special recipe? Include them in your wedding by serving that particular dish. It will be highly emotional and beautiful!
  • – Use photos. Use your loved ones’ photos to create a special corner just for them – so that you feel them close to you on your wedding day.
  • – Walk down the aisle with them. You wanted this person to be there, on your side, as you make these very important steps. And while they might not be able to physically lead you down the aisle, they can definitely be there with you, in your memory, through an object that belonged to them – their favorite tie, a watch, a brooch, or any other item that had a powerful meaning for them (and now, for you as well).
  • – Music. They say music transcends time, space and languages of all kinds – so, if this special loved one had a favorite song, see how you can incorporate it into your Big Day. They would have loved seeing this happen!


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Photo source: Dreamweaver Photos