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5 Fun Ways to Personalize the Groom’s Boutonniere

Your bridal look is definitely important to you – but so is the look of your future groom as well. After all, you both want to feel absolutely amazing on your wedding day – and your appearance can play a hugely important role in this.

One of the details you will definitely have to pay attention to is how your Groom’s boutonniere is designed. If you are looking for some fun ways to personalize the groom’s boutonniere, you have come to the right place, because we have gathered 5 of the most unique ideas to inspire you. Read on and find out more!

  • – Be childish. If your groom is still a kid at heart and if he likes geeky toys (such as Lego figurines), you can allow him to show off his personality and passions with his boutonniere. Greenery, some flowers and a toy can really make your groom’s look pop!
  • – Be vintage. Planning a vintage-themed wedding? Match your groom’s boutonniere with the wedding theme by accessorizing him with a gorgeous vintage watch instead of the classic flowery boutonniere. It will look so stylish!
  • – Be sentimental. If your groom’s mother has a brooch she would have wanted her daughter to wear on her wedding day, you can beautifully incorporate it into his boutonniere. You only need the brooch and a pretty flower and it will already look gorgeous!
  • – Be artsy. Is your groom the kind who loves great art? Include it in his boutonniere with a beautiful miniature painting or drawing embraced by flowers and greenery. Great-looking and unique!
  • – Be glamorous. Your groom can be glamorous too – and no, he doesn’t have to wear a shiny tux for that. A beautifully chosen boutonniere with golden or silver accents will be really stylish and will perfectly complement your look and your wedding style.


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Photo source: Dreamweaver Photos