Wedding and Event Planning with Laura Mackey

Wedding planning, especially in a place like Savannah, GA takes a special touch. We discussed that a bit last week in our blog. But our own Laura Mackey has been event planning for years and we chatted with her a bit to see why she believes The Mackey House family does such a great job every time!

Q: Ms. Mackey, describe how you got into event planning.

Laura: We have always been a family that threw great parties. We would invite family and friends and friends of friends to join us for holidays and special occasions. Before we knew it, we were THE place to be for the holidays. All it took was one person to ask us to help with their daughter’s wedding and poof, we were in the wedding business. It just seemed almost natural.

Q: What makes The Mackey House such an ideal location?

Laura: Particularly for our destination brides, we – our staff and I – are able to make their wedding experience a one-stop-shop so to speak. We can make it flow easily for them. We know the Coastal Empire and Lowcountry, we know the best places for their family and friends to stay, we know the best vendors to use depending on the wedding party preferences, and we know how to make the day of their dreams become a reality.

Q: How is it you’re able to make incredible things happen?

Laura: My secret to success is to make the bride feel as though she’s the ONLY bride in the world, because she is to her and her loved ones. If we can create the ambiance to fit her vision and to fit her guests comfort level then we’ve done our job and everyone should be happy. I want every wedding day to be perfect and I think my determination for that to be a reality comes across when we meet with the bride and her family. They know I want their day to be everything they’ve always imagined it would be.

Q: What about other events?

Laura: Oh yes, we do corporate events – especially holiday parties, I’ve helped put together parties for offices as intimate as 7 people and offices as large as 150 people. I’ve also worked with my team to host corporate retreats like professional development days and team building exercises. We know several people in the area who can facilitate business gatherings and continuing education events.

Q: And facilities – do you only work with The Mackey House events?

Laura: Absolutely not. We are mobile and happy to help whether you need catering, music, cakes, facilitators, you name it, and we can help you. Consider us more than just The Mackey House event staff, we are event planners, here to help with anything under the sun