Wedding Candy Bar Tips

Wedding Candy Bar Tips You NEED to Know

Wedding dessert bars are immensely popular right now – so much so that most people cannot even imagine a wedding without a candy table at least. Naturally, you want to include this huge trend in your wedding too – but how do you make it really stand out? How do you go beyond color coordination and step into true uniqueness? We have gathered some wedding candy bar tips you really need to know – so read on if you want your Savannah wedding to be amazing.

  • – You can totally keep it classic. There’s nobody to tell you that tiered cakes, cupcakes, cookies and macaroons are out of fashion. Everybody loves them, so they’re a surefire way to score golden points with your guests! Try to step a bit out of the ordinary though – such as by centering the entire table on earthy and nature-inspired colors, or simply by having everything extremely simple, decorated with a luxurious backdrop.
  • – You can totally go wild as well. Serving the desserts on an ironing table or maybe even a few wooden barrels pulled together – that’s not something your guests see every day. And that’s precisely why they will love your daring and totally original idea!
  • –  There’s no limit as to what you can serve. Waffles, naked cakes, sumptuous French desserts in little glasses, pies (big or small) – there’s nothing out there that cannot be served on a dessert table. Don’t be afraid to make unique combinations and surprise your guests with a dessert bar that’s more than generous!


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