8 Wedding Day Lucky Charms

Your wedding is one of the happiest events in your life – and, because it marks the beginning of a whole new life, you want it to be filled with good luck and warm wishes. What are some wedding day lucky charms you might want to incorporate in your wedding day? We have gathered some ideas for you – so read on to find some inspiration.

  • – The horseshoes. A traditional Celtic symbol of good luck, horseshoes are a great motif for a rustic wedding – so you have more than one reason to incorporate these into your Big Day.
  • – The sixpence in your shoe. You may be ready to have your something old and something new. You may even have a something borrowed and a something blue ready for the wedding day too. But did you know that a sixpence in your shoe is consider to be lucky as well?
  • – The rainy day. Despite what some brides may believe, rainy weddings are actually considered to bring good luck – so it may not be that bad to have a few drops of rain on your wedding day.
  • – The first look. Sure, you are free to have a First Look session before the wedding ceremony. But waiting for it to happen during the ceremony is believed to bring good luck.
  • – The ringing bells. Because the sound of the bells ringing is said to bring good luck, you might want to incorporate this in your wedding (maybe as you exit your wedding ceremony, for example?).
  • – The bourbon. This Southern tradition says that if you bury a bottle of bourbon one month before the wedding, you will have luck on your wedding day and it will turn out just as you planned it.
  • – The wish lanterns. Spectacular and full of hope, wish lanterns are a great way to entertain the guests and add a dash of luck to your wedding day as well.
  • – The family heirlooms. If you have a family heirloom, incorporate it in your bridal look. It is said to bring good luck, it can count as your “Something old” and it can also be a great way to add a sentimental touch to your wedding too.


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Photo source: Dreamweaver Photos