Savannah Weddings: Guest Wedding Etiquette Mistakes!

Planning a wedding is stressful enough, so why make it more complicated for the bride and groom by making avoidable wedding etiquette mistakes?! We’ve complied a list of a few wedding etiquette mistakes that guests can innocently make before and during the wedding day.  Follow this simple guide and you can be the epitome of the perfect wedding guest!

Not RSVPing. This is probably one of top wedding etiquette mistakes for guests to make. Just because you are close to the bride and groom and verbally told them you are coming, still send in the RSVP card. Not going to make it? Avoiding dropping off the RSVP card at the Post Office does not mean that bride and groom will assume you won’t be in attendance. Do yourself a favor and keep the couple happy by sending in your response card on time.

Don’t abuse the open bar. Even responsible adults can have a little too much fun when surrounded by dancing and celebration during the reception. Having one too many signature cocktails throughout the night will not only spoil the evening for yourself, but other guests as well.

Bringing one too many “plus ones.” If the wedding invitation you received says your name with “and guest” written beside it, that does not mean your “plus one” includes a date and children or the friend who’s staying with you from out of town. Be respectful of your bride and groom, and understand that they may not have the budget to cater to your “plus three” entourage.

Wearing White. White, ivory or cream, unless the invitation says otherwise, are the “must avoid” colors when attending a wedding! The only person who has the honor of wearing this color is the blushing bride herself.

“Fashionably late.” There is an unwritten rule for weddings, church services and graduations that you should arrive 15 minutes early. With that being said, there  is no such things as being fashionably late when it comes to a wedding. Why subject yourself to getting awkwardly  tangled in the bridal processional or being “that couple” who just shows up to the reception?

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