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5 Wedding Games to Make Your Reception # TheMackeyHouse

Your wedding, your dream come true, your rules! Of course, many couples choose to have very formal weddings and stick to tradition 100% – but if you’re not that kind of bride or groom, you surely want your Big Day to be genuinely outstanding.

And what better way is there to make a wedding unforgettable, other than by offering fun wedding games for guests? Following, we have gathered some suggestions to make this memorable for everyone invited at your wedding – so read on if you need some inspiration.

  • – Chalkboard drawing. You don’t need much for this: just some fun colored chalk sticks and some boards on which your guests can draw whatever they want. Make this your Guest Book, if you find the idea interesting – but also make sure to take photos of the chalkboard, since chalk can be very easily erased and you don’t want to have your guests’ good wishes “deleted” in any way!
  • – Legos. We all loved playing with them as kids – so why wouldn’t we love it now? Boost your guests’ creativity by providing them with Lego sets they can play with during the wedding. We guarantee this will be a huge success!
  • – Board games. From Monopoly to Jenga, there’s a myriad of fun board games that are more than perfect for older children and for their parents too. Pick some of your favorite board games and invite your guests to play!
  • – Crosswords. Creating a customized crossword puzzle is a really great idea if you want to add a personal touch to your wedding games. Use your imagination and this game will be a truly memorable part of the Big Day!
  • – Piñata. Invite your guests to have real fun with a wedding Piñata! To make it more wedding-related, fill it with sweet wedding favor treats in your wedding colors. It will not only be extremely entertaining, but it will also match your wedding too!


Searching for a beautiful venue in Savannah? Here at The Mackey House, we are more than open to accommodate your unique wedding ideas – so come visit us, take a look around and book us for the most amazing day of your entire life!


Photo source: Dreamweaver Photos