Wedding Planners: Do You Need One?

Wedding Planners: Do You Need One?  For some women, they have been imagining their wedding day since they were young, and as they grew older, they started attending their friends’ weddings and noting ideas they loved, pinning hundreds of wedding-related pins to their Pinterest boards and more. With all of these color schemes, reception ideas, and ceremony traditions already conceptualized, future brides can sometimes overlook the benefits of hiring a wedding planner. In reality, a wedding planner in Savannah, GA can often become one of the most important people to have by your side leading up to and during your wedding by helping out in these five ways.

1. Taking responsibilities off your plate before and during your big day

One of the most attractive benefits of hiring a wedding planner is having knowledgeable professional handling some responsibilities before and during your wedding day. Throughout the wedding planning process, you might find yourself very engaged in one aspect but do not have much interest in another. When the latter comes around, your wedding planner is there to take that step off of your hands and plan it with your taste and preferences in mind. During your wedding, a wedding planner can give you peace of mind knowing that they will be the ones making sure your wedding runs smoothly starting from the time guests arrive at your venue. At The Mackey House, our staff works closely with wedding planners to answer any questions they may have and to ensure they have everything they need before and during your wedding.

2. Giving advice and listening to your ideas

Throughout your wedding planning process, there is likely to come a time when your fiancé and bridesmaids do not have much of an opinion on some ideas regarding your wedding. However, when you hire a wedding planner, they will always be ready to discuss ideas and recommend other ideas to you. Acting as your wedding best friend, your wedding planner will become that person you can turn to, and they will have professional advice to give that will make your planning move along quicker when you are stuck on a certain aspect and need a second brain to pick.

3. Recommending vendors they’ve worked with first-hand

Savannah wedding planners are experts in not only weddings but also the city as a whole. Through their work, they are likely to know businesses, makeup artists, caterers, florists, and more throughout Savannah that you may not have found through your own research. This benefit of hiring a wedding planner is especially important for destination weddings, since these couples may not be able to find the best of the best vendors at a distance. Wedding planners have also seen first-hand the work of the vendors, making them a reliable source for recommendations, and they can also handle contracts and scheduling. For an extra bit of help, The Mackey House can also suggest vendors that we have worked with, or we allow clients to bring in their own vendors that their wedding planners may have found for them.

4. Handling the less glamorous aspects of planning

When couples start planning their wedding, they are often excited about planning all of the fun aspects like their flower arrangements, reception table setups, food and drinks, and more. It is easy to overlook the fact that with these steps of planning come research, scheduling meetings, contracts, and more. Since they are wedding professionals, a wedding planner would be helpful in discussing budgets and ensuring you stick to it, figuring out the logistics of the wedding, and more. When you hire a wedding planner, you can work closely with him or her and explain your overall vision, and they can handle the mundane details.

5. Discussing your ideas and introducing new ideas

With all of the wedding inspiration you may have pulled together from social media, friends’ weddings, magazines, and more, wedding planners are helpful with narrowing down what can actually be pulled off in regard to your budget and venue space. From their work experience, wedding planners will most likely know what goes into each idea, and if it cannot work out exactly as you envisioned, the planner can discuss similar ideas that will work for you. Also, since your wedding planning will come to know your taste, they are likely to introduce you to new ideas they have seen that you may not have thought of but love.

When you throw your wedding at The Mackey House, we offer wedding planning packages for a more all-inclusive style, or we can work closely with your own wedding planners, day-of coordinators, and ceremony official for a seamless wedding day. To learn more about throwing a wedding at The Mackey Houses, click here.

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