Wedding Planning 101

Although getting married is a fun time for the happy couple, there are a myriad of things – making arrangements, creating the exact look you want, making sure intricate details are taken care of – that can add tension to the situation.

If you’re able to keep you and your spouse-to-be on a timeline, it can help alleviate some of the pressure and ensure you get the wedding you’ve both always dreamed of having!

Nine to 16 Months

According to Real Simple’s website, you should start planning your wedding nine to sixteen months in advance – starting with your planning binder (or folder).  This helpful tool will enable you to keep clips of things you see in magazines, newspapers, websites, etc – items you like, items you don’t like, where you lean for venues, sometimes it helps you spot your preference pattern.

Next is the budget.  It can be the stickiest of all sticking points for your special day, finding a financial balance between ultimate celebration and massive debt.

Two to 6 Months

Other sites recommend final arrangements to be made at 4-5 month mark – cake ordering, decorations, wedding favors, transportation.  Also says that by 2-3 months away you should have invitations in the mail, obtain the license, start thank you notes, formal wedding portraits, honeymoon and wedding night plans.

Final Stretch

There are also other options – hiring a wedding planner, or working with a full service venue, such as The Mackey House.  We can help you with any parts of your checklist that you need, just let us know when you reserve where you need an extra hand, and we’ll help you.  We want your day to be as perfect as you’ve always dreamed!

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