Add Special Personal Touches to Your Wedding

3 Wedding Styles and What They Represent

Your wedding style is who you are, what mirrors you, and what represents your love story.  Let’s talk about wedding styles and what they represent. Of course, every couple is unique and every relationship is different – ergo, every wedding will be different as well. However, when it comes to drawing the broad lines, there are 3 major wedding styles to pick from at the beginning of your wedding planning process.

Curious to find out more about these wedding styles and what they represent? Read on and find out more.

Classy and Romantic

You are the kind of bride who wants a big ballgown and who will probably want to have her wedding in a big, old-fashioned, elegant environment too. Roses, chandeliers, pink and red, white and a towered wedding cake – you’ll have them all, because that’s exactly what you dreamed of when you were 4, dressing up your Barbie doll as a bride for the first time!

Funky and Romantic

You are modern, you love a good challenge, and you are not afraid to play around with multiple styles. Chances are you’ll find your “home” somewhere in between two wedding themes (e.g. rustic-chic, shabby-chic, vintage-casual, and so on) – and that’s perfectly fine because you are really unique and will love showing this off at your wedding.

Modern and Romantic

You go for clean lines in everything – even your desk is designed in a minimalist way. You will most likely wear a sheath dress (or even an elegant pantsuit!) and you will opt for very simple color schemes and décor. You love pushing timelessness into the future – and your dream wedding speaks about that!

We hope that these different wedding styles and what they represent helped shed a little more light onto what everything means.

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