Don't Forget to Do These Things on Your Big Day

These Wedding Traditions Are Almost Gone

Did you know the white wedding dress was not even a “thing” until a couple of hundreds of years ago? Not only that, but it was also considered that Queen Victoria (the one who wore one for the first time) made a really shocking move by wearing a simple white dress, instead of the very intricate ones royalty before her had worn on their wedding day.

Traditions come and go – and weddings make no exception. What are the wedding traditions slowly bidding us farewell, though? We have some tips for you – so read on if you want to find out more about the wedding traditions that are almost gone.

Vintage Car Exit

Leaving the wedding in a vintage car. It may be a really great choice for couples who want to have a vintage or retro wedding, but overall, most brides and grooms skip the vintage car and opt for unique transportation methods, ranging from motorcycles to carriages. As for the over-the-top “Just Married” signs, they are slowly getting out of fashion to…

Unique Wedding Dress

Wearing a white wedding dress. Remember what we said in the beginning? The white wedding dress is now coming full circle, slowly becoming less popular, as more and more brides opt for colorful gowns on their wedding day. We’re curious to see what happens in the next couple of decades!

Tossing Anything?

Tossing…anything. From the grand exit confetti to the bouquet and garter, people seem to skip all traditions that involve tossing (or at least they “upgrade” them to something more unique).

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