Weddings for people who don’t like weddings

Believe it or not – there are people who don’t like weddings.  This one might be geared more toward the male side of our happy couple, but there are a few women that haven’t been dreaming of their big day since they first saw Cinderella.

Here are a few ideas that might help you get through an event you’ve only thought about in passing:

1)     Small weddings – they are no longer dirty words.  Many couples have decided their big day needs to be more intimate and about them rather than what’s going on around them.  We promise it’s no longer taboo.

2)     Eloping – a number of couples are opting to go to a vacation site – kin to starting the honeymoon early – to get married and
go right into the honeymoon.  Sites like Hawaii, Paris, the Philippians are seeing more and more couples coming to exchange vows and go right to the honeymooning part of their nuptials!

3)     Destination weddings – similar to eloping, the place becomes the important part of the pictures for the couple.  Numerous times it’s because the location means something to the couple, either meeting, dates, vacations, family, etc.  Whether honeymooning in the same location or just exchanging vows and going elsewhere, it’s becoming more and
more popular.

4)     Big receptions – sometimes you want to keep the actual wedding event intimate, your closest friends and family members, but
there’s an option to have a larger celebration for your reception.  Appetizer food to keep down on costs, a cash bar, and inviting everyone to be a part of the celebration of your marriage rather than the actual exchanging of the vows.  Local celebrities, couples on a budget, large extended families – this
option keeps lots involved but costs to a minimum.

Whatever you decide, keep in mind that it’s still your day, even if you don’t like being in the spotlight – and keeping your friends and family in mind to share your day will ultimately make your wedding day a memorable one.  Whatever we can do to help, please give us a call, we’ll be happy to help make arrangements.

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