What Do You Do If You’re Not In Love With Your Wedding Dress Anymore

Finding the one, that one wedding dress that makes you feel absolutely gorgeous, takes time and patience. And even when you do have everything at your fingertips, finding the perfect wedding dress can still be difficult.


What do you do if you’re not in love with your wedding dress anymore though? What do you do if you feel that you have taken the wrong decision? We have gathered some tips to help you out – so read on if you want to find out more.

  • – Before you do anything, sit down and think. Is it the dress’ fault or do you simply feel that the “magic” factor is missing from the entire look? If you are inclined to believe the second, then it is very likely that you will simply need to get new accessories to make your wedding gown pop in all its elegant glory.
  • – Having the dress altered can change everything for you – especially if your main concern about it is related to its size and how it fits on your body. A professional seamstress can definitely help you with this, so do not hesitate to call for her help.
  • – If you still feel that there’s something off about your wedding dress, keep in mind the fact that most bridal boutiques have return policies – so you may still be able to return the dress and replace it with something else.
  • – And if you see that you cannot return the dress, take into consideration the option of selling it online and covering up for some of the costs of buying a brand new wedding gown.


No matter what you choose to do, rest assured that your wedding at The Mackey House will be incredibly beautiful! Surrounded by Savannah in all its natural splendor and created in the spirit of elegance and grace, our venue is perfect for unforgettable weddings – so contact us if you want to find out more.

Photo source: Dreamweaver Photos