What To Do When the Wedding Is Over

The last guest has finally left and countless centerpieces, decorations and flowers now surround you and your new spouse and you have to figure out something to do with them, fast. Lucky for you, we have few ideas for how you can reuse, recycle, and resell your beautiful decorations.

The simplest way to find your decorations a new home is to utilize your guests. Invite them to take home anything that they may have fallen in love with (excluding rented items of course!). It is a waste to throw away extra wedding flowers when your friends and family can be enjoying their beauty instead, even if it is only for a couple of days. Think of it as giving them as couple of extra party favors.

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Was your budget more of a guideline? If you are interested in ways to make some of your money back, then the internet is your new best friend. With a simple search on Google, you will be able to find plenty of places to get some money back on the things you worked so hard to perfect.

Ebay and Craigslist are two popular and easy to use websites that allow you to sell some of your decorations to other brides. Want a website that is a little more specialized? Bride to Bride Boutique (.com) is a site that gives brides and grooms a place to buy and sell gently used wedding day decorations. These are all great was to give your decorations a second life while making a little extra money for your honeymoon.

Whether you take use your wedding day leftovers to help those in need or help you refill the savings account, the most important thing to do is plan ahead. The sooner you get the unwanted extra decorations out of your house, the sooner you and your spouse can relax and enjoy your new life together.

Photograph via Pinterest

Photographs via Pinterest

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