Spring Wedding Venue

What to Look for in a Spring Wedding Venue

What to look for in a spring wedding venue?  Choosing your venue is possibly the most important decision in the wedding planning process, and when you are throwing a springtime wedding, there is a lot to consider to be able to fully encompass the season. From the venue space to rain back-up plans, here are just a few things to look for in a spring wedding venue.

1. Indoor and Outdoor Venue Spaces

When choosing what time of year to have a wedding, couples who instantly lean toward spring weddings typically do so for one main reason — ideal weather. With a springtime wedding, couples get to avoid the uncomfortable cold of winter and blazing heat of summer and find a happy medium with warmer days and chilly nights. To get the most out of your spring wedding weather, look for venues in Georgia such as The Mackey House that offer both indoor and outdoor space. The outdoor space will not only allow guests to enjoy fresh air but also makes for stunning photography with the lush landscapes and picturesque backdrops that springtime provides. When it gets chillier at night, the option of an indoor venue space will allow guests to stay warm and comfortable.

2. A Springtime Ambiance

It is one thing to throw your wedding in spring, but it is another thing to fully capture the springtime ambiance that will make your wedding stand out from the rest. When exploring venue options, find venues that offer both space and services that will allow your guests to experience spring, whether that means they feature blooming landscapes or offer al fresco dining. Once you know that the bones of the venue can perfectly complement the season, then you can add springtime decorations and extras that will make your wedding unique, but you must have the basics for it to be a seamless springtime event.

3. Rainy Day Back-Up Plans

Although spring has a reputation for its “perfect” wedding weather, the South’s frequent and unpredictable rain during these months is what can make or break your big day. If planned for in advance, rain can be a unique aspect of your event instead of a disaster, so finding Georgia wedding venues that can easily cater to rainy days will take that worry off your shoulders. Talk to venue staff members about the back-up plans they have for outdoor receptions or outdoor ceremonies. Some venues may be able to move your guests to indoor spaces while others may be able to pop up canopies when they know it will be rained out in advance. As long as the venue has back-up plans, rain does not have to be a worry for your spring wedding.

4. Helpful and Knowledgeable Staff Members

Because of the popularity of springtime weddings, wedding professionals start to increase their prices around March. To get the most out of your budget, make sure that your venue offers various rates or packages and will work closely with you to figure out what is feasible for your wedding. Finding helpful and knowledgeable staff members will make the planning process run smoothly, and since they are experts in the industry, they can also help you find caterers, planners, and more that will work in your budget if you choose to bring in your own vendors. It can be easy to get caught up in just how the venue looks, but finding people behind the venue who will work closely with you during peak season is just as crucial.

Whether rain or shine, The Mackey House throws gorgeous, springtime weddings. Our blooming garden, glistening lake, and open-air pavilion provide guests the opportunity to see the beauty of Savannah during the season, while our covered deck and antebellum mansion help guests stay comfortable in chillier weather. When your wedding is expected to be rained out, our staff can move your garden ceremony or reception onto the clear-covered deck or inside the house. If known in advance, we can also add clear panels to the pavilion to enclose the space. As always, our staff works closely with couples to provide them with all the information they need on the venue as a whole as well as peak season pricing.  Want some more advice on wedding planning?  Check out more tips on the blog.