What to Look for in Ceremony Site

Choosing a ceremony site for your big “I Do” is obviously a very important step in the entire wedding planning process. If you are like most brides, you want to make sure your choice is perfect from all points of view. How do you do this, though? How do you search for the ideal ceremony site and what to look for in your search? Read on and find out the best tips you could use:


• If they can provide you with an officiant. Most religious sites will automatically provide you with a religious officiant. This has become quite popular for the non-religious sites as well. However, in their vast majority, they do not actually provide an offician – so you will have to find yours.
• How you can decorate it. Some sites are very specific as to what brides are and aren’t allowed to do in terms of décor. Form charging extras for aisle runner to not allowing candles of any kind, every site has its own rules.
• Also, don’t forget to ask if there will be any other weddings on the same day as yours. This will influence just how complex your décor can be and how long/short your ceremony proper can be a swell.
• Before choosing a ceremony site, make sure that it is not located too far away from your reception venue. Otherwise, both you and your guests will waste a lot of time on the “trip” from one place to another – and that time can be used in ways that are much more entertaining.

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Photo source: Dreamweaver Photos