What to Wear to a Valentine’s Day Wedding

What to Wear to a Valentine’s Day Wedding

Have you been invited to Valentine’s Day-themed wedding? You must be honored and excited!  But also a bit confused over what to wear at this kind of event. Is it OK to go full-blown red and let Cupid inspire your attire?

Read on and find out the best tips on what to wear to a Valentine’s Day wedding.

What to Wear to a Valentine’s Day Wedding?

  • Of course, you can definitely wear red and other similar romance-inspired colors. Try to play around with the fabrics to add a bit more texture and stylishness to your look, though. Red lace will be feminine, sexy, and suave, while velvet (very in this year) can be really luxurious and elegant.
  • Pay attention to the pink hues. Pink is also a very much-appreciated Valentine’s Day color, but pay attention to the fact that very light shades of pink may be too summery for this time of the year. Instead, we suggest that you focus on deeper hues of pink – they will make you pop with femininity, grace, and elegance!
  • Last, but definitely not least, remember that you don’t have to go full Valentine’s Day mode. You could simply play around with the accessories. A little black dress is more than well-suited for a casual wedding – and when accessorized with a cute pair of red earrings, a red lipstick, and a heart-shaped red clutch purse, it can look absolutely amazing. Use your creativity and imagination – you don’t have to be 100% coordinated with the wedding theme!

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