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What’s Included in Your Southern Wedding Venue Fee

Effective budgeting is key to a successful wedding. Having an accurate idea of what’s included in your southern wedding venue fee will help you to plan ahead and make sure everything you need is accounted for. If you’ve chosen to hold your wedding at The Mackey House, here’s what will factor into your venue fee.

Wedding Preparation

Many steps need to be taken to prepare for a wedding. In the months leading up to your wedding day, The Mackey House will provide you with one kick-start meeting, two planning sessions, a 30-day-out final meeting, two-hour access for engagement photos, a one-hour rehearsal the day before the wedding, a diagram of the event space, and a rain action plan. All of these items will help to ensure that your wedding goes as smoothly as possible.

Bride and Groom Suite

Before the wedding ceremony begins, you’ll need a peaceful, comfortable place to relax and get ready. Pricing for The Mackey House includes a bride and groom suite that you can use for up to three hours prior to the wedding. You can also reserve more time in the suite for an additional fee.

Catering and Bar Service

Your wedding guests will require an excellent menu of delicious food and drinks. While these items are not included in your base venue fee, The Mackey House will provide you with an affordable list of approved caterers so you can choose the option that will best meet everyone’s needs and preferences. Catering costs $40 to $75 per person, and bar service costs $30 to 40 per person.

The Venue

Finally, one of the most important parts of a wedding is the venue itself. Whether you choose an indoor or outdoor space, a wedding at The Mackey House will offer the stunning scenery you need for a picturesque wedding. Your venue fee will allow you to spend four hours at your space of choosing: 30 minutes for the ceremony and three and a half hours for the reception. The fee also covers free parking for all of your guests, tables and chairs for comfortable seating, and atmospheric lighting for the perfect celebratory mood.

If you’re ready to begin planning for your big day, The Mackey House is the ideal southern wedding venue for any couple seeking a charming, elegant wedding. Contact us today with details about your event to get started.