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Winter Wedding Peony Alternatives You Just Need to Consider

Having a winter wedding is a fantastic choice – but it can sometimes turn against you if you realize a lot of your wedding dreams are actually very spring-like. What happens, then? How to find a compromise solution to make sure you have both the winter wonderland wedding you want so much and the stunning peonies you’ve dreamed of ever since you were 12?

We have some winter wedding peony alternatives you just need to consider – so read on and find out more.

  • – Technically, they are a fall flower – but you’ll find them well into winter as well. They are lovely and sweet, they add romance and richness to any bouquet, and if you don’t want them as standalone “players” in your arrangements, you can always combine them with a few stems of peonies (it will still be less expensive this way).
  • – David Austen roses. English roses, heritage roses and Juliet roses are known under the umbrella term of “David Austen” roses. They come in the same beautiful variety of colors as classic roses, they have the same richness and generosity as peonies, but they are way more available during the winter months (they bloom between October and May). Perfect choice, right?
  • – Double flowering tulips. These flowers are an excellent option for brides who value uniqueness and sophistication at the same time! They have something simply elegant, just like normal tulips do, but their double flowering nature adds luxuriousness to each flower stem. Plus, they’re available until November and later, so you can definitely find them for your cool season Big Day.



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