Winter White Dessert | 5 Delicious Dessert Ideas For Your Winter Wedding

With winter just around the corner, we all know that a new series of gorgeous, magic weddings are very close as well. If you are planning your own winter wedding, make sure to choose a dessert that fits into the background as well. We have picked up some of the best white dessert ideas for winter weddings so continue reading if you want to inspire yourself. DreamweaverPhotos_BrookeCory_part1_small-5496

  • A white cake decorated with snowflakes. This works especially well if you plan on having a Winter Wonderland-themed. You can choose whatever cake and filling you want to as long as the frosting is white. Have your confectioner decorate the cake with beautiful snowflakes for a very “winter-y” effect.
  • An all-white dessert bar. Serve your guests with a variety of candy and cookies that come in various shades of white. This will look marvelous as décor and it will be a great option for those of you who want to make sure every guest will enjoy the dessert.
  • Mini-white wedding cakes. Somewhere in between cupcakes, cookies and cakes, mini-wedding cakes are a wonderful idea if you want to combine cuteness, deliciousness and elegance at the same time.
  • White chocolate mousse with raspberries. If you want a really elegant dessert, chocolate mousse is always a great option. White chocolate mousse will go perfectly with your white wedding theme and the raspberries will add a dash of color and flavor to the dessert.
  • White hot chocolate. There’s nothing cozier and more comforting than hot chocolate on a cold winter day. White hot chocolate tastes great, it works amazing with marshmallows and it will fit into your wedding theme as well.

The Mackey House would be proud to host your beautiful white winter wedding – so make sure to check us out before settling on anything else. Our marvelous venue, the beautiful nature embracing it and our wonderful staff will make for a magic wedding day!

Photo source: Dream Weaver Photography