Winter Wonderland Weddings in Savannah, GA

While it doesn’t get very cold in the Coastal Empire and Low Country – and after the below freezing temperatures we suffered the last few nights, some of our neighbors would disagree – the Winter Wonderland theme wedding can be fun, particularly if winter is a favorite season for you and your spouse-to-be!

Here’s just a few ideas we’ve seen that we felt needed to be shared with our Savannah, GA (and beyond) friends:

1)     WHITE – if you’ve ever thought you could “over-white” an event, you can’t this one.  We’ve seen some amazing white inspirations – cookies, table cloths decorated with doilies, lace, cakes, dresses, accents – the works!  And really, they turn out amazingly intriguing…check out this presentation by our friends at Green Wedding Shoes.

2)     Snowflakes – although again, we don’t see a lot of snowflakes here in Savannah, GA and the surrounding areas, but you’ve gotta admit they make incredible decorations and can easily be made into accents for any area. Many are simple and elegant, just what we love in the south!

3)     Sparking snow and glittering ice – never is it more acceptable to use real glitter – oh yes, Kindergarten silver glitter that sticks on your face and feels like it never comes off – than it is during a winter wonderland theme for a wedding.  We found a few of our favorites on Etown Brides – where glitter is a must have in winter wonderland!

4)     Crystal and white lights – when we said white, we meant it.  Crystal with the little white twinkle lights makes the perfect combination when trying to give your wedding a Winter Wonderland look and feel for your attendees.  Some of the crystal options through Decorate my Wedding give the highbrow glitter and light that we admire!

5)     Candles – white candles with their beautiful flames make incredible centerpieces anyway – but when you add the winter wonderland touches it takes the whole idea to the next level.  Check out some of the candle options from Wax Wizard – they can both dress up or down your event!

At The Mackey House, we’re happy to help you whether you decide to have your wedding on location or at another venue.  Don’t hesitate to give us a call for ideas for your next event – decorations, food, music – the works, because The Mackey House is the place for events!

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