4 Ideas for Writing the Perfect Wedding Toast

If you have been selected among the guests who will give a toast at a wedding, you surely want it to be perfect. You want people to enjoy your toast, and, most importantly, you want the newlyweds to enjoy it too.

How to do it, though? What are the best ideas for writing the perfect wedding toast? We have 4 essential tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • – Who are you toasting? In a very formal wedding, there are some toasting rules to keep in mind. For example, the Best Man is expected to toast the bride, the Maid of Honor to toast the groom, and the parents of the bride/groom to toast the couple. In casual weddings, these lines may be a bit more blurred.
  • – What’s your relationship with the person(s) you are toasting? Is the groom your very best friends and you’ve known each other since kindergarten? Then you can be a bit more casual and sprinkle your toast with a joke or two (however, make sure you do not cross any common sense guidelines).
  • – How long will your toast be? Generally speaking, it is considered that wedding toasts that are short and sweet are absolutely perfect. Keeping your toast shorter is a great idea if you don’t want the guests to get bored – and it is also a very good idea if you want to make sure the wedding day timeline will not be pushed because of you.
  • – Last, but not least, what will you say? Talk about your relationship with the bride and groom, wish them all the best and try to strike the perfect balance between emotional and funny. Even more importantly, don’t talk about anything you might regret (e.g. Exes of the bride or groom, embarrassing stories, etc.).


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Photo credit: Dreamweaver Photos